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Switzerland is among the leading tourism medical destination, and this could be due to the many foreigners who prefer visiting Switzerland for medical assistance. Since the year 2000, numbers have been steadily increasing, and this has led the country to become one of the best in the tourism medical market. Some of the reasons that make Switzerland a great medical tourism destination include:

  • Its highly developed tourism sector
  • High quality of medical assistance from private medical hospitals
  • Cheap medical treatment
  • The healthcare system

Switzerland Health Care Systems

Switzerland has more than 500 hospitals, whereby 40 plus hospitals are private medical centers. Moreover, Switzerland is proud to have the biggest private hospital globally. Additionally, the country boasts to have hospitals with JCI accreditation and ISO certification. Currently, approximately 12 hospitals in the country are under going JCI accreditation, all of them being private medical centers.

The medical tourism industry of Switzerland is hugely influenced by privately owned medical centers. Doctors in Switzerland are drawn to international hospitals because they earn up-to 70 percent more than their counterparts working in public hospitals. Some leading privately owned hospitals include the Biologic Aesthetic Dental care Hospital Group and Swiss Medica XXI Century S.A. These hospitals’ ability to take care of patients especially from foreign countries has made them renowned globally. Since the year 2000, most of the patients in these private hospitals have been from foreign countries. Patients have reported that they find hospitals in Switzerland cheaper compared to hospitals in their home countries. Nonetheless, the natives find these hospitals very expensive because salaries in the country are very low.

Klinik Hirslanden

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is synonymous with quality and excellence. For over 25 years, they have enjoyed an outstanding reputation as one of the leading private healthcare providers worldwide. As the largest private hospital group in Europe, they cover a huge variety of specialist disciplines and deliver the highest standards in medicine and nursing. 

Swiss Medica XXI Century S.A.

This medical facility is known to be one of the best hospitals for tourist patients in the country. This is because it has a wide range of excellent facilities that are able to cater for the needs of medical tourists. Reports show that this medical facility has had the opportunity to treat 520,000 plus foreign patients including medical tourists and expatriates from over 190 countries globally. Additionally, the private facility has been shown to attract more patients from foreign countries than any other medical center worldwide. Most importantly, most of the doctors who serve at this facility have board certification or international training.

Biologic Aesthetic Dental Care

This is another chain of hospitals well known in Switzerland. Most of its patients are always from foreign countries and over the years, the chain has developed and expanded to become a leading healthcare facility. One thing about Biologic Aesthetic Dental care is that they have advanced medical equipment to ensure that patients the best possible healthcare. Their equipment compares to none other is the whole of Europe and North America.

Common Treatments Done By Medical Tourist in Switzerland

Some of the procedures performed by Switzerland medical tourists include

  • Eye and ophthalmology treatments
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Cardiac procedures
  • Medical check-up programs
  • Dental procedures
  • Plastic/cosmetic surgeries
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stem Cell
  • Infertility treatment
  • Pros

    These are the main reasons why many foreigners seek medical assistance in Switzerland

    • High Quality Services

      Health care services in Switzerland are high quality
    • Highly Trained and Educated Staff

      Switzerland physicians are highly trained and educated with many of them being holders of necessary professional certifications.
    • Cheap Medical Treatments

      Cheap medical treatments whereby Switzerland treatment costs are only a fraction of the treatment costs in other western countries. In most cases, treatment costs are approximately 30-50 percent lower compared to treatment costs in the western countries. This ensures that foreign patients remain with extra funds for recreation and recuperation.
    • A Well-Developed Tourism Infrastructure

      Switzerland has a well-developed tourism infrastructure including inviting beaches. The country’s rich culture coupled with friendly people and splendid cuisine makes foreigners willing to visit the country.
    • Country's Culture and People

      The country’s rich culture coupled with friendly people and splendid cuisine makes foreigners willing to visit the country.


    • Appointment Hours

      Some medical practitioners are employed on part-time basis

    Cost of medical treatment in Switzerland

    Comparing the cost of major treatments between the U.S. and Switzerland (in US dollars)

    Price Comparison (USD)
    Procedure US ($) Switzerland ($) Range of saving (%)
    Hip replacement 43,000 15,000 35%
    Vaginal rejuvenation 2,000-2,500 350-1,200 18%
    Chin augmentation 1,700-2,000 900 53%
    Nose reshaping 3,500-4,000 1,200 34%
    Porcelain crown 600-1,000 300-470 47%
    Root canal treatment 500-2,000 150 30%
    Single implant 3,500 2,000 57%
    Blepharoplasty 2,500-3,000 540 22%
    Liposuction 2,500-3,000 1,200 48%
    Amalgam filling 200-500 70 35%
    Forehead lift 2,500-3,000 1,400 56%

    Malpractice and Liabilities Laws in Switzerland

    In case you need a medical malpractice lawyer, you can get one from the numerous law firms available all over the country. They are responsive professionals who are always willing and ready to help if any harm is caused to you by the doctors or any other medical providers. Note that; different states have varied procedures and laws that govern personal injury related cases.

    Travelling to Switzerland

    The following table shows time in hours required to travel to Switzerland from selected few destinations around the world:

    City Travel time to Switzerland (hours)
    London 1.0
    New York 8.0
    Melbourne 20.0
    Berlin 1.0
    Dubai 6.0
    Miami 10.0
    Los Angeles 12.0
    Vancouver 7.0

    Entry and Exit in Switzerland

    Foreigners visiting Switzerland for medical reasons are required to have a legal passport, but if their visit is scheduled to last not more than 90 days, a Visa isn’t required. The country has two major airports located in Zurich and Geneva, but to make entry and exit to Switzerland much better and easier; other cities receive international flights as well including Lugano, Berne, and Basel.

    Statistics of Switzerland’s Medical Tourism

    Over the past few years, Switzerland’s Medical Tourism has witnessed some dramatic increase. The table below shows an estimated number of medical tourists.

    Year Number of international tourists Estimated number of medical tourists
    2008 1,800,000 500,000
    2007 1,600,000 380,000
    2006 1,400,000 280,000


    Despite the few drawbacks, Switzerland remains to be one of the best destination for medical tourism. It has the best healthcare facilities and treatment costs are low. Additionally, doctors are educated and highly trained to provide the best services possible.

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