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Medical tourism in the USA

More Americans seek affordable medical treatments abroad as medical tourism booms in the USA.

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Myths about medical tourism

Myths & facts about medical tourism. Information to help you make a decision about medical travel.

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Medical tourism fact sheet

Helpful statistics & facts about medical tourism. Inform yourself before going abroad for health care.

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Insurance for medical treatment abroad

There is a rise in the number of insurance companies providing medical travel insurance.

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History of medical travel

This short time line recounts the history of the medical tourism industry.

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Healthcare travel regulations

Learn about the attempts to regulate the global healthcare industry, with respect to the rising trend of medical tourism.

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Medical tourism industry certifications

Medical Tourism industry certifications ensure that you receive quality medical treatment abroad.

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Medical travelers US

The current healthcare system in the USA offers citizens with low quality high cost care. Although American medical tourists have been seeking care that is not covered by insurance, perhaps receiving treatment abroad can also offer the under or unins

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