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A trusted online marketplace for patients to discover and book medical treatments around the world is a trusted online marketplace for Medical Tourism. The platform provides a funnel whereby patients from an origin country seeking medical procedures can seamlessly connect to the relevant hospital to perform a particular procedure in the destination country. is the world’s leading information source about medical tourism destinations on the web. Our mission is to provide you the patient, with the premiere decision making tool which connects you to the most reputable medical centers in the world.

With the help of, you and millions of others around the world, are able to evaluate and control your healthcare options. delivers access to affordable, effective care to international patients from over 190 countries.

A trusted network of medical centers, with a focus on international hospitals: is a Trusted Network of medical tourism destinations, over 400+ medical centers and medical travel intermediaries from 30+ countries, over 19,000 profiles of physicians and over 6,000 prices of medical procedures.

We work hard to gather thorough and up-to-date information on each medical center, and to make your search and navigation as easy as possible.

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