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Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro


Madrid, Spain

Dr. Niko Mihic

Dr. Niko Mihic

General Physician
at Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro
Speciality Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Languages English, Spanish
Education Dr. Niko Mihic received his training in Family Medicine at the Laval University in Quebec and had worked for 15 years in Emergency Medicine in both McGill and University of Montreal Teaching Hospitals. He has published numerous articles, served on various committees and held the status of lecturer in Family Medicine at the University of Montreal.

1976-1978 University of Toronto
1978-1984 Medical school: Basic sciences at Autonomous University of Guadalajara; Clinical sciences at Detroit, Michigan
1984 Cardiovascular Research, St Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada
1985 Residency in Family Medicine, Laval University, Quebec, Canada
1986 Residency in Anesthesia-Resuscitation, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Professional Experience Currently Dr. Niko Mihic is the Director of the Executive Health Program at The HM Hospitales medical group and offers Online Consultations for registered patients only.

2016-2009 Medical Director Executive Health Program, HM Hospitales
2015-2009 Private Medical Practice in Family and General Medicine, HM Hospitales
2015-2012 British Air Force Primary Care Provider, Madrid
2015-2011 Associate Professor Clinical Sciences, CEU St. Paul Medical School, Madrid, Spain
2015-2005 Medical Advisor Air France and KLM for Spain
2015-2005 Medical Advisor European Space Agency (ESA)
2015-2000 Primary Care Doctor, American Section, NATO SW Headquarters, Madrid
2009-2007 Head of Emergency, Hospital Quiron, Madrid
2009-2007 Executive Health Program, Hospital Quiron, Madrid
2005-2000 Medical coordinator fot HTH, American Health Insurance Company for Students and Tourists
2005-2000 Family and General Medicine Practice at Centro Médico Somosaguas, Madrid
2005-2009 Lecturer in Family Medicine, University of Montreal
2005-1990 Emergency Room Staff Doctor, St. Luc Hospital, University of Montreal
2001-2000 Emergency Room Staff Doctor, Zarzuela Hospital, Aravaca, Madrid
2001-1992 Emergency Room Staff Doctor, Montreal General Hospital, McGill University
1998-1994 Private Medical Offices, Nova Clinic, Montreal, Canada
1998-1993 Emergency Room Staff Doctor, Buckingham Hospital, Quebec
1988-1987 Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine, Shawville, Quebec
Memberships 1998 Diplomate in Family Medicine, Canadian College of Family Practitioners
1998-1996 Owner and Coordinator “Tourist Medical Services, Inc.” Montreal, Canada
1998 Member of Council of Physicians and Surgeons of St. Luc and Montreal General Hospitals
1998 Chief of Trauma Commitee, Department of Emergency, St. Luc Hospital
1998-1996 Member of Quality Control Committee Department of Emergency, St. Luc Hospital
1998-1994 Medico-Legal expert for Canadian Medical Protective Association Knights of Malta, Grand Cross

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