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Budapest, Hungary

Prof. Imre Gerlinger

Prof. Imre Gerlinger

at Liv Duna Medical Center
Speciality Middle Ear Surgery
Languages English, Hungarian
About - University teacher, professor of the Department of Ear, Nose, and Throatology and Head and Neck Surgery of the University of Pécs.

Areas of expertise:
- Middle ear surgery (tympanic membrane replacement, auditory bone replacement, cholesteatoma surgery, stapes surgery)
- Balloon catheter expansion of the ear horn modern implantological solutions in case of hearing loss pituitary surgery endoscopic sinus surgery

Prof. Dr. Imre Gerlinger's Books:
- Histories of ear, nose and throat, Prentun TS Kiadó, 2012
- Symptom-oriented otolaryngology, Medicina Kiadó, Budapest, 2013
- Ear mosaics, Pharmapress publishing house, Budapest, 2016
- Otorhinolaryngology scratches, Medicina Kiadó, 2018
Education PhD, MTA doctor
Professional Experience - Research fellow, Utrecht University, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Utrecht, The Netherlands
- University of Liverpool, Otolaryngology Clinic, Overseas Doctor's Training Scheme, Liverpool, England
- Head of Otolaryngology, University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Centre, Department of Otolaryngology, Nottingham, England
Memberships - American Academy of Otolaryngologists
- President of the Association of Hungarian Otorhinolaryngologists (2010-2014)
- Romanian Association of Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors, honorary member
- Czech Association of Otorhinolaryngologists, honorary member
- German Association of Otorhinolaryngologists, honorary member
- EAONO (European Society of Otology), Eastern European Secretary
Awards - Bishop Vilmos Award (Baranya County Scientific Award 2016)
- Cseresnyés Memorial Medal (Hungarian Association of Ear, Nose, and Throat - Doctors Award), 2016
- MOTESZ decorative letter, 2017
- László Batthyány-Strattmann award, 2018
- Géza Krepuska Award, 2018

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