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Hospitals and medical centers in Greece who have Nephrology specialists.

SARAFIANOS Private Clinic

SARAFIANOS is an ISO 9001 certified private clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece. Known for its long tradition of high quality health services since 1957, high sense of professionalism, respect for the patient, quality, thoroughness and consistency in the services provided

Listed nephrologists:

Dr. Kirmizis Dimitrios

Head of Nephrology, Artificial Kidney Unit

Dr. Saripoulos Dimitris

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Specialist

MITERA General, Maternity-Gynecology & Children’s Hospital

Mitera hospital is a specializes hospital for women and children, with comprehensive pediatric, gynecological and maternal healthcare services. It is affiliated with Harvard’s Mass General Hospital for Children and Yale Children’s Hospital.

Available nephrological services:

Full information upon request

Hygeia Hospital

The Kidney Institute at Hygeia Hospitals offers comprehensive nephrology services under one roof. The institute has some of the leading nephrologists in Greece, who work closely with patient needs.

Available nephrological services:

Full information upon request

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