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Todo en Belleza


Alcala de Henares, Spain

Todo en Belleza - Overview

Todo en Belleza con Dra Silvestre is an aesthetic medical center of national reference because of its pioneer vision. They count with the best medical equipment coming from the United States, approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), agency that overseas and approves, among others, aesthetics medical equipment to ensure its efficiency and the customer’s safety.

Todo en Belleza con Dra Silvestre is also an official center of Miss World Spain.The principles that this center stands for are efficacy, efficiency and honesty.They provide a professional environment where the client’s diagnoses will be carried out with the latest equipment, which measures not just the skin’s health at dermis and epidermis levels, but also determines the levels of existent skin collagen prior to treatment.

With the use of that pre-treatment client’ skin health data, their professionals are able to establish the best guidelines for the chosen treatment, giving the client the possibility of additional guidelines in nutrition and exercise.

This center is endorsed by many years of experience and thousands of successfully treated faces. Todo en Belleza con Dra Silvestre has been selected as their beauty center by numerous celebrities, especially nationally and internationally actors and actresses, who have trusted in them to care for their beauty. 

In a single center, the client can find all the necessary technology for a comprehensive rejuvenation. 
The hotels selected in the Beauty Travel Pack are luxury, innovative, comfortable and located in the historical center of Alcalá de Henares which is a catalogued as World Heritage City.



Ultherapy, with its high intensity ultrasounds, is one of the most effective machine for skin tightening. Its ultrasounds elevate, tighten, and compact the skin in a single session without surgery. The result is a lift with long lasting effects. The procedure is simple and safe, reaching deep layers of the skin, at smas level, creating micro coagulation points that compact tissue, reorganize collagen fibers and tightens the muscles.

Ultherapy counts with four FDA (US Drug and Administration) approvals as non-invasive facelift. It is the first time that the FDA has accepted the term “lifting” in rejuvenation. It is a safe treatment, guided by ultrasound, with no recovery time.

Ultherapy helps reduce double chin as well as the under eye puffy bags in one session with lasting effects.

Thermage® cpt

The best and most revolutionary rejuvenating treatment to combat facial and body flaccidity in a single session.
Approved by the FDA as the first and only non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment.Todo en Belleza con Dra Silvestre was a pioner center introducing Thermage® CPT in Spain, successfully applying more than 2,500 facial Thermage® in the area of Madrid and Alcalá de Henares.

Mercedes Silvestre, MD, pioneer in the use of Thermage® in Spain, was granted the Black Diamond award by the Thermage® company, the highest achievement in the use of this technology.
This treatment creates warmth in the skin-deep layers, enables internal movement of electrons that in turn generates natural internal heat. As a response, the body reacts compacting its available protein – collagen- as well as stimulating the formation of new collagen.

The process of reorganization and creation of new collagen improves the tone and texture of the skin, recuperating the face outline - blurred by the passage of the years - and rejuvenating in a healthy and natural way.

Thermage® cpt facial can be applied to improve face and neck. Its application to correct flaccid eyelids, allows a rejuvenating eye look without surgery.During a treatment session patients may notice a warming sensation. Thermage® includes a combined cooling system that makes the procedure comfortable.

The results are visible immediately because of the compacting effect of the available skin collagen, and will continue to improve within 6 months after treatment, which is the time that it takes our organism to create new collagen.

Thermage® cpt for the body

Thermage cpt is a non-invasive and painless procedure that helps tighten, firm and improve the texture of the body skin in a single session with no side effects and no recovery time.The Thermage® Radiofrequency is indicated for the treatment of the inner side of arms or thighs, abdomen, knees, hands or buttocks that present a moderate degree of sagging, thin and small wrinkled skin. Thermage® reproduces the effects of a natural elevation of flaccid buttocks.

Intense Pulsed Light, IPL

Intense Pulsed Light, IPL, aids in the rejuvenation of face, neck, and hands. IPL acts against the skin damage due to sun, stress, and the inevitable passage of the years, while also stimulating the formation of collagen. IPL emits a broadband light that can be used to treat small face veins. especially for the people who suffer rosacea or cuperosis. The typical results of IPL treatment is more luminous skin, minimized dilated pores, diminished small wrinkles, and clarified soft pigmentation spots. IPL cannot be used to treat melasmas.

Laser Clear And Brilliant or Clear Melasma

Clear and Brilliant is a diode laser used to rejuvenate, close open pores, and give luminosity to face, neck and upper chest.The procedure with this laser includes a four month home treatment by doctor Zen Obagi, based on a highly stable Vitamin C.This laser is highly recommended to treat melasma.

Fraxel dual system

It is the most revolutionary laser rejuvenation equipment. It consists in a new type of non-aggressive laser used to eliminate aging skin, reduce wrinkles, treat dark spots, remove acne scars as well as most surgical scars. Fraxel is also a great laser to treat stretch marks, both red and white.

This treatment is suitable for any adult regardless of age, skin type and can be applied throughout the body.The new Fraxel Dual Laser uses two different types of laser: Laser Thulio 1927 nm works in the most superficial area of ​​the skin, and Laser Erbio 1550 nm acts at a deeper level as a gradual peeling. The result is a more luminous skin, smooth and without imperfections.

Fraxel Dual reverses the visible effects of aging, obtaining natural results effectively and allowing a rapid recovery. It can be applied all over the body.

This laser equipment can help as preventive of skin cancer treating pre-cancerous sun lesions such as actinic keratoses and other lesions caused by sun exposure.

After the treatment with Fraxel, the skin may show some redness, swelling or a feeling of sunburn. These effects may last a few days before the person can return to normal daily activities.This procedure includes a four month home treatment by doctor Zen Obagi, with anti-wrinkle and anti-pigmentation effects.


The United States FDA approved this equipment as a procedure with effects of liposuction without surgery. In a single session. Liposonix is a high intensity ultrasound that eliminates adipose tissue, reducing definitively the body thickness perimeter to 2.5 cm.

It is suitable for treating adiposities located in the knees, hips, flanks and abdomen, eliminating permanently the fat destroyed in the applied body zone.

The patient’s weight must be within normal range but present this additional fat problem areas.The definitive results become established at 3 months after the treatment, but there are visible effects the first month, once the inflammation disappears.

Velashape III

Equipment approved by the United States FDA as appropriate to minimize cellulite and remodel the body, through three energies acting in synergy and in a single session.

The VelaShape III technology incorporates vacuum suction, mechanical rollers, infrared light, and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy, a very effective combination to eliminate adipose tissue and reaffirm.

Ideal for bulky abdomen and very effective in reducing cellulite or the orange peel appearance in thighs.

It acts in the deep layers of the skin, producing an elevation in the metabolism with its immediate effect of burning fat and stimulating the formation of collagen.

Diagnosis is always included in every treatment.

Facial diagnosis using specialized equipment to measure skin hydration, fat, and elasticity.

Skin Damage is assessed with Wood Light to appreciate the depth of sunspots.

Last generation collagen scanner to measure the levels of collagen in the dermis in order to evaluate the dermis and its degree of flaccidity.


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