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The Amar Clinic


Marbella, Spain

The Amar Clinic - Overview

The Amar Clinic is a provider of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments through the expertise of Dr. Roger Amar and his son, Dr. Olivier Amar. The clinic was then called the Marbella Aesthetic Clinic, but because Dr. Roger Amar pioneers new techniques in the cosmetic industry, the renamed the establishment to its present title.

The clinic offers a non-invasive technique for facelift, as well as services on breast augmentation, blephoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposculpture, fat grafting stem cells, among many other procedures. This technique is called the FAMI (Fat Auto-grafting Muscle Injection) which uses a patient’s own stem cells to repair age damage and other facial deformities.

Numerous doctors around the world have attended courses by Dr. Roger Amar in the United StatesEurope and South Korea in order to learn how to develop this innovative surgical technique. Having among his patients a large number of doctors, doctors’ wife, Dr Amar has also created a Foundation with the purpose of help disfigured people by accidents or tumors who cannot afford the costs of the operation.

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