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JCI Accreditation

JCI accreditation is authorized by the Joint Commission International, the international arm of the Joint Commission (the United States’ largest accreditor of health care organizations.) JCI is wholly non-profit and exists to provide leadership, qual

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HA Accreditation in Thailand

The Thai HA Accreditation is a health care facility accreditation awarded by The Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation (HQIA) in Thailand. The HA Accreditation project is an initiative for quality improvement in Thai public and

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MSQH Accreditation Malaysia

MSQH stands for the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health. The MSQH accreditation is a voluntary accreditation designed to improve the quality of health care in Malaysia by improving organizations’ performance and patient care.

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NABH Accreditation in India

NABH Accreditation is carried out by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers in India. NABH Accreditation is for Indian hospitals, wellness centers, health care centers and other medical facilities.

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CSG Accreditation Mexico

The Mexican CSG Accreditation is given by the General Health Council of Mexico, an office of the Mexican Ministry of Health. The CSG Accreditation program covers hospitals, outpatient medical units, psychiatric units, rehabilitation facilities and ot

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