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Vascular Surgery in Tel Aviv

Hospitals and medical centers in Tel Aviv, Israel who have a vascular surgery center.

Vascular Surgery in Israel

Assuta Hospital

The new Assuta Hospital was opened in 2009, and claims to be the most modern hospital in the middle east.

10 listed vascular surgeons:

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Prof. Edward Shifrin

Vascular Surgery

Prof. Boris Yoffe

Vascular Surgery

Herzliya Medical Center

A private hospital located on the shorelines of Herzliya, just off Tel Aviv, offering healthcare services to both local and foreign patients. The hospital is affiliated with over 500 Israeli physicians, many of whom hold high level positions at public hospitals.

6 listed vascular surgeons:

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Dr. Victor R. Ginsburg

Vascular Surgery

Dr. Kovznzv Wolf

Vascular Surgery

Rabin Medical Center

The second largest hospital in Israel, Rabin Medical Center is a tertiary care hospital that can handle the most complicated cases in all medical fields.

Available vascular surgery procedures:

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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

One of the largest hospitals in Israel with 900 beds and 700 physicians. The hospital serves 1000 medical tourists annually, providing advanced medical care at the highest western standards.

Available vascular surgery procedures:

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