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Madrid, Spain

Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud - Overview

COVID-19 UPDATE: Quirónsalud hospitals are taking security measures to allow all patients to receive care regularly and normally

For this reason, they have adapted their facilities to the new situation, creating differentiated circuits to also attend urgent cases or patients whose care has not been interrupted with maximum security, and have progressively disinfected those areas in which they have been treated Covid-19 patients. In addition to the protocols focused on the reactivation of the activity, in some centers different measures are being applied, for example:

    • Differentiated circuits to be able to attend patients as safely as possible.
    • Telemedicine. Non-face-to-face consultations via telephone, videoconference or chat have been imposed during the pandemic.
    • Thermal imaging cameras that, using an infrared ray system, allow people with fever to be detected automatically.
    • Disinfection with pioneering cold aerosolization systems, capable of generating a mist consisting of 1 billion microdrops of disinfectant dissolved in water and using air as a driving force.
    • Disinfection with ultraviolet C and UVC technology.

    On the other hand, we would like to share some figures that speak for themselves of the collective effort that the Quirónsalud Group has made to date to respond to this crisis:

    1. Around 15,000 patients have been admitted by COVID-19 to Group hospitals (among them, 1,400 in ICU beds), which represents approximately 1 in 8 hospitalized patients in Spain, about 13% of the total, a percentage significantly higher than what would correspond to the Group for its number of beds. In the most affected places, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​almost 1 in 5 hospitalized have been treated. Also including many vulnerable and elderly patients.
    2. In the first weeks of the crisis, 1,400 additional beds were added, including 400 new ICU beds (doubling the company's initial capacity) and 140 beds in a medicalized hotel. In addition, around 350 new respirators were incorporated (including 30 that were shipped from Germany), in a context of great international shortage.
    3. Additionally, almost 2,000 new staff hires were made to respond to both the avalanche of patients and the sick leave that we have had, and nearly 250 volunteers from our centers traveled throughout Spain to support the most critical moments in Madrid and Barcelona.
    4. Diagnostic kits (both PCR and antibodies) have multiplied and more than 3.5 million protective kits (including 2.5 million masks) have been purchased, including 2 ambulances purchased to move patients quickly between our hospitals .
    5. The Group was the first to carry out massive tests on the entire workforce of 40,000 employees.
    6. Digital consultations have accelerated and, during this crisis, we have exceeded 2 million users on the Patient Portal. Clearly, digitization is here to stay.

    Quirónsalud is Spain’s leading provider of health services. Although it is a young brand—born of the merger between idcsalud and Quirón—we have over 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being.

    Quirónsalud offers patients comprehensive health care that encompasses all medical specialties. We have more than 70 medical centers throughout Spain, a highly regarded professional team, the latest technology, flourishing research and education programs, and a management model based on a solid commitment to quality.

    Expert care and a vision of medicine based on personalization, warmth, and connection with the patient—because we believe in person-to-person health

    More than 60 years caring for people.

    Quirónsalud offers patients comprehensive health care that encompasses all medical specialties. We have more than 70 medical centers throughout Spain, a highly regarded professional team, the latest technology, flourishing research and education programs, and a management model based on a solid commitment to quality.

    The group currently features:

    • 1 proton therapy center
    • 5 Da-Vinci robotic surgery systems
    • 1 Gamma Knife radiosurgery system
    • 1 CyberKnife radiosurgery system
    • 21 linear accelerator systems for radiotherapy
    • 11 PET-CT scanners
    • 81 MRIs


    The group has, among others, the following hospitals, located in the main cities of Spain. All of them have international airport services within 30 miles (50 Kms) and have professional staff ready to assist and provide first class care to international patients coming from all over the world:

    Quirónsalud is a point of reference within the private health sector in Spain. The Hospital Group strong research activities give patients access to the latest technologies in innovative treatment.

    • Clinical trials: 1001 research studies, of which 649 are clinical trials and 352 are epidemiological observational studies, with a total amount 1.224 research projects and 967 scientific publications.
    • R&D initiatives taking place in virtually all regions where the company is present.
    • Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz and its Health Research Institute is the only ministry-certified institute of its kind in a privately managed health center in Spain.
    • The group currently has seven university hospitals.

    We at Quirónsalud focus on caring for the health and well-being of people, putting top-quality health services within their reach. As part of this effort, we understand that quality standards play an important role along our path toward excellence. Our quality-management system is designed based on the Group's strategy and is adapted to the structure, care activity, and size of each health center, thereby allowing the quality system to be used as an organization-wide improvement tool.

    Our commitment to quality has driven us to apply several complementary management systems, including those of Joint Commission International, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS), and certification under the ISO standards.

    We take a patient-centered approach to both care and non-care activities. These non-care activities include ancillary services performed by the Group companies Health Diagnostic and Servicios, Personas y Salud, which have also successfully attained their own quality and environmental-management certifications.

    Quirónsalud health centers uphold the organization's commitment to quality by adhering to the guidelines of the Management Policy

    A structure is in place to ensure fluid communication of the objectives and indicators that make it possible to assess efficiency and continuously improve in the work we do. The excellent feedback patients give our hospitals and the numerous prizes and recognitions they have earned from governmental and private-sector entities attest to the effectiveness of this communication.

    We at Quirónsalud recognize that quality standards play an important role along our path toward excellenceWe promote quality driven standardization in all our health centers through their engagement with ISO 9001 quality norms. We currently feature 38 hospitals and clinics with center-wide certification and 6 departments with individual quality certification.

    We are committed to sustainable development, and in furtherance of this commitment 15 of our centers are certified for environmental management under the ISO 14001 standard.


    • Transportation services
    • Personal escort available
    • Private nurse available
    • Visa arrangements
    • Flight arrangements
    • Financing available
    • Electronic medical records
    • Insurance coordination
    • Interpreters available on demand


    • Family members can stay with patient
    • Accommodation arrangements
    • Vegetarian food
    • Halal food
    • Special order food


    • Private Rooms
    • Cafeteria/restaurant
    • Recovery facilities
    • Phone in rooms
    • Internet connection
    • Bank/ATM
    • Money exchange
    • Pharmacy


    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001


    • Arabic
    • English
    • French
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Catalan
    • Italian


    • Doctors have liability insurance
    • Hospitals has liability insurance


    • Number of doctors: 8000
    • Number of beds: 4000
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