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The Apollo Clinic


Bangalore, India

The Apollo Clinic - Overview

The Apollo Clinic Bangalore Koramangala is part of the Apollo Hospitals Group, a large network of clinics all over India. It is part of a system of 40 multispecialty medical centers across the different parts of India. It has been in service since June 2004.

Healthcare services offered by Apollo Clinic cover a wide range, approximately extending over 55 different medical specialties. The clinic provides specialist consultations, diagnostics, preventive health checks, dental clinic, and pharmacy services. Among the many various subspecialist areas of the Apollo Clinic include cardiology, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, and many more.

Apollo also has a dental clinic offering common dental procedures and services including routine checkups, extraction, root canals, fillings, orthodontic procedures and the like.



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  • Year established: 2004
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