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Optimed Hospital


Istanbul (Tekirdag), Turkey

Optimed Hospital - Overview

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   Ingrid Stewart’s Testimonial – Gastric Sleeve Surgery at Optimed Hospital ⭐⭐⭐

 Accredited for International Standards Ver. 5.0 - AACI Certificate for Optimed Hospital

As OPTIMED HOSPITAL, we have been serving in the healthcare sector since 2007 aiming high patient satisfaction and with the latest technological equipment in a location close to Istanbul and in a confined area of 17.000 m2 with its heliport and 200 bed capacity.

OPTIMED HOSPITAL provides diagnosis and treatment services with certified healthcare standards and with experienced & qualified staff, strong infrastructure, advanced technology, and ISO accreditation.

OPTIMED Hospital provides healthcare services 24/7 with its expert team of experienced doctors and medical team to both local and international patients

·    16 bed General Intensive Care

·    4 bed Coronary Intensive Care

·    5 bed Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care

·    14 bed Newborn Intensive Care Unit

·    5 Operating Rooms - One of them is specifically designed to have Cardiovascular Surgeries.


OPTIMED Hospital strives for patient satisfaction and aims topioneer reliable and high-quality healthcare services by combining aguest-focused approach, experienced doctors and surgeons, qualified team and multidisciplinary approach. By using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, OPTIMED takes care of the overall health of patients.

Centers of Excellence



By carrying our national health service in line with qualitystandards to the international arena, we helped many of our patients who preferredus to achieve their ideal weight and maintain a healthier life with our successful obesity operations performed by our experienced surgeons.


COSMETIC SURGERY (Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)


Since the day we were founded, we have achieved a high patient satisfaction rate of 96.6% in relation to our plastic surgeries by meeting the expectations of more than 100 patients from many countries regarding health problems.


With our staff consisting of our expert physicians, each of whom is experienced in their own field, we help our patients receive healthcare services in the comfort of their own homes, thus helping them recover quickly. 

International Patient Services

Within our medical tourism services, we strive to improve everyday. Our patients can always reach us on our 24/7 available line regarding the surgeries they are seeking for and for questions and other details.

Moreover, our patients are followed-up by our doctors and the healthcare team within our patient satisfaction program after they leave ourhospital after getting their treatments and the healthcare services they needed.

Our patients can benefit from our “Online Doctor” services aswell.

The Online Doctor service has been developed for families and patients who need to get a medical second opinion online, and for patients who prefer a pre-consultation on a "Video call with the treating doctor".

The Online Doctor appointment can be scheduled from your home or workplace, and you can benefit from our healthcare services without coming toour institution.

OPTIMED Hospital works inco-operation with international private health insurance companies and SSI inall branches.

AACI Accreditation

Optimed has been accredited by AACI asof March 2023.

American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) is one of the world's leading organizations for accrediting healthcare providers and certifying clinical excellence.

The AACI is a modern, international and independent accrediting body whose sole purpose is to develop person-centreds tandards for healthcare and improve the safety and quality of care for people all over the world.

Rigorous assessment and certification processes ensure that healthcare organisations meet the highest quality and safety standards.