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Argentina is one of the most developed nations in South America. It has one of the best health systems in the world. This is due to huge government investment in the health sector for its people. Not only is their system properly funded and efficient, it is also of high quality. Visitors can expect top-notch care just like anywhere else in Western Europe.

One of the reasons the country is a favorite destination for tourists is that the country’s currency collapsed around the year 2012. They had pegged it to the dollar, which made it quite expensive to travel there. However, since its collapse services have become quite cheap for most visitors from the West. In addition, the country is one of the finest places to visit for tourism. It has a great culture coupled with a great landscape. The cuisine is also one of the finest in the world.

Argentinian Health Care System

The Argentine health care system is equally divided between the government and private sector. Medical services are availed free of charge for all patients whether domestic or foreign. However, the government does not concern itself with the running of any of these services. They are all run at the municipal level. As a result, the degree of quality may not be very consistent. In addition, people have to pay for medication for outpatient services. Most chemists do not sell medication unless one has a prescription. Besides that, waiting lists for government services can be quite lengthy. This means it might not be the best option for a medical tourist on a tight schedule.

The private medical care in the country is availed to those with private or state run medical insurance. The terms for doctors in the country are quite favorable. As a result, most personal train abroad and come back to the country. Thus, one should expect to be treated by the finest minds in medicine field. The private sector is divided into mixed and total private medical care. The mixed cover is available for members of trade unions. The trade union pay a huge amount of the treatment and patients pay for the rest. Private care is where the patient pays for all cover is available to about 5% of all Argentinians. Foreign patients can enroll in both the public and private medical treatment. This will help to spread out the cost of treatment.

JCI Accreditation

The country has low JCI accreditation. One reason for this is that medical tourism is a new concept for Argentina. As a result, most facilities have not bothered to apply for it. The government is putting up a serious effort to promote its medical tourism industry. However, there are still some that have bothered to get the accreditation.

One of the leading institutions for medical care is the British Hospital. It has been in existence since 1844. The non-profit hospital is committed to offering patients quality medical care. It eliminates the language barrier by providing service in English.

The Hospital Universitario Austral is the only JCI accredited hospital in the county. It is committed to providing quality care to all. BA aesthetic surgery is also a quality service that offers patients the opportunity for quality and affordable plastic surgery.

Common Treatments for Medical Tourist in Argentina

Argentina is a great place for those seeking cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures account for 33% of all visitors to the country. However, medical treatment also accounts for as huge chunk of treatments in the country. The government has begun a push to increase medical tourism in the country. Common areas of treatment are:

Cost of Medical Treatment in Argentina

This country manages to combine quality and affordability. It has become a Mecca of medical tourism in the past few years due to this. Patients can make savings of up to 70% in the country. Besides the cost of treatment being low, the country is a great place to stay as you recover. This is because the cost for tourists in general is quite cheap.

Price Comparison
Procedure USA Argentina Range of saving (%)
Up to 90
Breast augmentation
Between 60-80
Between 80-90
Heart bypass
Up to 90
Heart valve replacement
Between 81-84
Hip replacement
Up to 92
Knee replacement
Up to 90
Up to 67
Spinal fusion
8,000- 10,000
Between 90-92
All procedures
63,500 – 68,500
Between 88-90

Malpractice and Liabilities Laws in Argentina

Medical based lawsuits in the country are low compared to the US. For one, the hospitals here offer the highest quality of treatment to patients. Finding a good lawyer in the capital is quite easy. However, legal practitioners can be a bit hard to find especially in the remote areas of Argentina. One should expect justice in the courts of the country. In addition, processing of cases is usually quite fast. The country also offers medical malpractice insurance. This is a great type of insurance to have in case anything goes wrong. It makes the entire process much cheaper and less stressful.

With the rise in medical tourism, a number of law firms that are seeking to specialize in this area. This would include hiring language interpreters. Due to the high standards, genuine cases of malpractice are dealt with swiftly. The country sets aside almost 9% of its GDP for medical care. This is in line with the spending of most European nations. Thus, the government has set up stringent legislation to protect an industry that uses so much of taxpayers’ money.


  • Affordability

    The country is one of the best places to go for any type of medical practice in the Western Hemisphere. Patients can make savings of between 70 and 90 percent.
  • Qualified Personnel

    The doctors working in the hospitals of Argentina are some of the best in the world. Most of them have studied in the finest medical institutions in the West. One is guaranteed of being attended to by a competent professional.
  • Quality Facilities

    Although public run facilities may provide a bit low quality services, the private sector has the best medical equipment in the world. The country is at the helm of innovative research to produce quality equipment. They also have doctors who have trained all around the world. Therefore, they have knowledge about technology that can help make treatment easier.
  • Tourist Attractions

    The recovery period would be well spent away from the busy and noisy cities. For those looking for a nice relaxing place to recover, Argentina is simply magical. They have beautiful scenery complemented by a diverse culture. The country is a marvel to behold. It has some of the finest sandy beaches in all of South America. It has also protected it indigenous population, whose culture the government seeks to protect.


  • Language barrier

    This can be a problem for people who do not have any Spanish language skills. In such a case, one will have to hire an interpreter.

Finding the right Agent

Medical tourism in the country is still a budding industry. As a result, it may lead to some delays as one attempts to work with an inexperienced tour agent. This will call on one to do thorough research before they begin their journey.


The country is at risk of dengue fever. Visitors need to sleep inside treated mosquito nets. In addition, one needs to be vaccinated for a number of tropical illnesses such as Yellow Fever. The trip could prove fatal if one was to catch one of these deadly illnesses.

Entry and Exit in Argentina

Entering Argentina on a medical visa is quite easy. Patients only require applying for the visa together with some financial records, which are proof of ability to pay. After that, one can stay in Argentina for a period of one year. If one plans to stay in the country for ninety days or less, they do not need any type of Visa. Visitors from the US have to pay a fee of $160. Visitors need to come with a passport that has, at least, a single blank page for the stamp.

Statistics of Argentina’s Medical Tourism

Major Country Sources of Medical Travelers, 2014
Medical (%)

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